Drum Circle Formats

Event Design

Professional drum circle facilitators provide a complete rhythm event, not simply a drum circle. Each experience has a beginning, a middle and an end. Celebration Circles design a package's that meet client's expectations and have an impact on the group. Celebration Circles use metaphors, open drum time deepen the experience, windows of communication to talk about the experience and planned interventions for specific purposes.

Tailor making the design of your event will increase the impact on your community.

All groups that come together experience common feelings. They may be resistant at first to try something new. As they overcome that resistance, they may move into a group together and perform as an orchestra.

Most drum circles will run from 60 minutes to 2 hours. An ice breaker may only last 15 minutes. celebration Circles considers a plan fro the opening and the closing.

  • Size - Will there be 15, 20, 50, 100 or 300 participants? The group's size will define the venue size, amount of equipment needed, and the seating arrangements.
  • Population - Are they: teachers, women's/mens/children's groups, school children/ Daycares, kids at risk, well elderly, personal growth executives, a choir, therapy classes, corporate team building, community drum circles, weddings, pallative care, birthdays and other Celebrations, students or a mixed group from the community? Depending on the type of group will determine the facilitation style to match their culture.
  • Purpose - Are they celebrating, doing community building, team building, or hoping to motivate workers or students? The group's purpose will help Celebration Circles decide which metaphors and activities to choose to convey these ideas. Our choice of equipment will depend on the activities we decide to use.

No to events will be the same. Celebration Circles will work with you to deliver your messages. We will research your specific population to acclimate prior to presenting so we have a good understanding of the culture, history and what language to use.

- Therapy classes
- Corporate team building
- Community drum circles.
- Weddings
- Pallative care
- Birthdays and other Celebrations

All programs will be tailor made to suit the client.

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